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AAA Five Star is professional premier contractor specializing in CHIMNEYS, GUTTERS, ROOFING, SIDING and WINDOW repairs in your Tri-State area.

For over 10 years of experience, AAA Five Star employees have provided their customers with affordable, high quality services and job satisfaction. Our Friendly and professional services are fully licensed and insured by the New York City, ensuring our clientele that every AAA Five Star customer is a satisfied customer.  

With our expertise ranging from Roofing, Chimneys and Window repairs AAA Five Star delivers the same high quality services to their customer’s regardless weather how large or small the job might be. We provide our customers with free inspection and estimate as well as 24 hour emergency services. Our professional technicians are happily willing to provide customers with the same day service as well.   “AAA Five Star satisfies their customers like no one can”